15 smiths examines corpus

By on December 16, 2016


15 smiths examines corpus

Vernissage 18/2 2017

Wunderkammer is a concept born out of the early European colonialism. With travel to new continents widened European worldview. It described these continents as “The New World”. This world was of course by no means new, only from a European colonial gaze, but there was, however, materials, animals and cultures, which in various ways laid the foundation for a fantasy era of exoticism. Material from this world objects collected, along with other imaginative objects in so-called Wunderkammer at the courts of Europe, and more or less true stories grew up around these events.

In the exhibition Wunderkammer examines the 15 participating artists, based on a corpus practice, these undiscovered continents can be today. Maybe it’s not about exploring the outer continents, but rather look towards a single continent hidden behind habit patterns and conformism, which took the form of a consumerist culture.

Corpus means body. Corpus as an art form has several roots. One of these root systems search down into a complex colonial power structure in which a material such as silver, in history strongly associated with a corpus concept, has been a symbol of that power. This background, coupled with another root system, everyday use, are creating conditions for the exploration of concepts that use, power and material culture from a norm-critical perspective. The participating artists examines, from different perspectives, materials and techniques how this art can relate to their historical context while showing on its potential as a platform for the exploration of contemporary material culture.

Times and address:
Vernissage February 8, 2017
The exhibition runs 18/2 – 8/3 2017
Konsthantverkarna, at Slussen
Södermalmstorg 4, 116 45 Stockholm, Sweden

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