100-year wedding anniversary celebrated with Drop in wedding

By on June 7, 2018

On June 9, 1918, the first couple was married in Seglora church on Skansen. Now a hundred years later, a couple of couples will get married at Drop in weddings the same day. Much has changed since 1918, but love is celebrated even this year as hundreds of couples marry outdoors on something that has become Skansen’s newest tradition.

On June 9th it is time for the ninth edition of Drop in-wedding at Skansen and the green Tingsvallen. Since the start of 2010, when Drop in weddings came as a tribute to the Crown Princess couple’s wedding, the drop in weddings spread wide and wide. The Church of Sweden has organized, many other museums and facilities have hooked on, and the simple yet festive way to get married has been established as an alternative to big lavish weddings.

The drop in wedding is a overall concept. In addition to wedding writers and witnesses, there are also photographers, florists, make-up artists, nail stylist and much more. Anyone who wants to buy something to drink in the Champagne bar, choose something from the wedding repertoire in the song tent or tie a birch wreath to the hair. The restaurants offer wedding menus and there are picnic baskets to order for those who want to sit in the green grass. For the children there are wedding pyssel and facial painting.

When Drop in Wedding arranged for the first time in 2010, it was expected that there were a total of 50 pairs. It came 357. Then it was a calmer year two with 257 pairs, and then increased to over 400 several consecutive years. Last summer, 324 came despite a very cold spring and a possible worry that the market was saturated, but it was not. This year, everyone at Skansen is curious about how many people are coming and whether the weather is intact. On the other hand, the sun always shines on Skansen and especially over Tingsvallen.

Wedding statistics
2010: 357
2011: 257
2012: 436
2013: 436
2014: 463
2015: 440
2016: 465
2017: 324

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm